How to teach management (Gresup)

The Gresup was one of the seminars proposed at the École de Paris in 1994 (some discussions from 1993 are also present on this site). It took the line "Is management teaching capable of innovation ?" It gradually became known as the forum where one could freely express one’s views about the evolution of management teaching in France. The seminar was suspended in 2001. A book entitles Enseigner le management, Méthodes, institutions, mondialisation (Teaching management : methods, institutions, globalisation) by Gilles Garel and Éric Godelier was published in 2004 (éditions Hermès – Lavoisier). It is based on discussions in the seminar.



Professeur à l'École polytechnique Titulaire de la chaire Renault-École polytechnique-HEC “Management multiculturel et performances de l'entreprise”


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