David and Goliath reconciled

Classically, everything was opposed between large and small companies, and they did everything in their power to avoid each other. But since all companies have entered into a competition through innovation, all means are good to differentiate themselves. Large companies are multiplying more or less formal partnerships with start-ups, incubators, consulting firms, etc., at all stages of innovation (idea, proof of concept, acceleration, scale-up) and in all possible forms (license, minority investment, buy-out...).
This cycle is devoted to feedback on difficult, but not impossible, matches between large and small, between David and Goliath. It is conceived and maintained in partnership with the Chair Phénix – Grandes entreprises d'avenir.


Christophe DESHAYES

Chercheur en résidence à l’École de Paris du management, animateur du séminaire Transformations numériques

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