The process of creation is based on talent on an individual basis to such an extent that is often has romantic connotations. However, creation also relies on organisational factors capable of structuring an environment and thereby encouraging creation. It is a case of both institutional measures, which enable a country to demonstrate its creativity in a particular field (such as the ‘French touch’ in French video games, or French fashion), as well as ‘in-house’ mechanisms in companies which prove to be creative in the long term (such as Pixar studios for animation films, or the American HBO channel). The Creation seminar series, created in 2005, was launched with support from the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Culture. It has a dual aim : to study the organisation of creativity and the management of talent; and to help those involved in the sectors concerned (music, cinema, broadcasting, fashion, multimedia, publishing, cordon bleu cookery, industrial design, industry, professional sports, publicity, etc.). It is hoped that people in these sectors, both on a company level and in their fields of activity, will be able to share and discuss potential solutions to questions such as the management of talent, training, the status of creators, industrial structures, and so on. In 2009, the Creation seminar won the European Year for Creativity and innovation label.


Thomas PARIS

Chargé de recherches au CNRS, GREG HEC ; chercheur associé au Centre de recherche en gestion (CRG) de l'École polytechnique


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