Management of civil servants

Between 1998 and 1999, the Ecole de Paris du management was asked by the Direction générale de l'Administration et de la Fonction publique (DGAFP) (The Administrative Board of the Civil Service) and with help from the École des mines de Paris, to organise a seminar devoted to the management of the mobility of civil servants. The seminar sessions explored real experiments carried out in various sectors of state service. These experiments were presented by those who had created them or those who took part in their implementation. This revealed innovative practices where those involved were able to exercise undreamed of freedom which is allowed by the status of public service. A synthesis of the first six sessions entitled "Les souplesses cachées du mammouth" (The mammoth’s hidden ease of movement), written by Frédérique Pallez, highlighted this discovery and was largely distributed.


Frédérique PALLEZ

Professeur à l’École des mines de Paris


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