Does responsible investment exist ?

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Seminar Economy and meaning | Wednesday March 20, 2013 - 9h - 11h30

For the past fifteen years, a strange breed of financiers has started to appear on the market. Compared to their colleagues who work in high-frequency trading, they are concerned about the future of our grandchildren : in situations where immediate profitability seems to be the only possibility, these financiers talk about societal value and ethics. Are they utopians lost in the world of traders ? Of course not ! They are meticulous analysts and experts in the day-to-day life of businesses which they examine closely to make sure they are in good health, and not horse-dealers merely wanting to auction them off. Furthermore, they are also true financiers, concerned with guaranteeing their clients a reasonable profit on the funds with which they have been entrusted. Are responsible financiers a newly emerging breed ?

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