Mastering complex circuits: the innovative niche of the IGE+XAO group

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Seminar Industrial adventures | Tuesday December 17, 2013 - 17h30 - 19h30

Created in 1986, the IGE+XAO group began by developing‚ selling and servicing CAD systems to help manufacturers in the electrical industry to design electric circuits. It grew by constantly innovating (R&D accounts for 25 % of the turnover) and becoming global. The group set up subsidiaries in seventeen countries, and is present in thirty countries because of its network. IGE+XAO widened its market outside the sector of the electrical industry by launching itself in the aeronautical, automobile and even the construction sectors. However, it managed to remain focussed on its growth, sales and the implementation of collaboration tools to design complex electrical installations and handle their maintenance. In a niche market such as IGE+XAO’s, constant innovation and the scale of R&D investments constitute the best protection from competition.

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