Large companies and social business: the invention of new business models

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Bernard SAINCY

President, Innovation Sociale Conseil,

Seminar Economy and meaning | Wednesday March 5, 2014 - 9h00 - 11h30

Danone‚ Schneider Electric‚ Essilor‚ Lafarge‚ Renault‚ Total‚ Crédit Agricole and GDF SUEZ - to mention just a few - have all launched initiatives to support social entrepreneurs and programmes promoting ‘inclusive businesses’ (sustainable businesses which benefit low-income communities) and ‘social businesses’ (self-sustainable businesses designed to address a social problem). What is included in these programmes? What motivates these pioneering companies? How do people in civil society benefit? Bernard Saincy‚ the founder of Innovation Sociale Conseil, which aims to encourage co-operation between large companies and social entrepreneurs‚ shares his thoughts on these questions which have given rise to ideas such as the measure of ‘positive externalities’‚ the inclusion of non-financial criteria in calculating the value of these initiatives‚ societal innovation, and so on. He draws on his experience as the creator of GDF SUEZ’s ‘Rassembleurs d’Énergies’ initiative and investment fund, the aim of which is to support social entrepreneurs who are committed to ensuring that the poorest populations have access to sustainable energy.

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