How to be a socially responsible and profitable investor

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Founding partner, Alter Equity3P

Seminar Management of Innovation | Friday April 11, 2014 - 8h45 - 10h45

Is it possible to reconcile economic performance with social and environmental responsibility, or short-term financial interests of investors with long-term strategic development of a company? Alter Equity3P is a radically innovative investment fund which goes against the grain. It aims to reconcile market tendencies with the public good, as well as business with a human factor. This atypical private equity fund, driven by the energy and convictions of its founder, has successfully broken the mould of pre-conceived ideas by implementing a powerful methodology guided by simple principles. Fanny Picard does not believe that the future of business is necessarily linked to the sole interest of the all-powerful shareholders. She argues that a long-lasting business success can be based on its function in society and a broader appreciation of its stakeholders’ interests. 

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