Solidarity leave: sources of new collaborations

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Managing director, Be-linked Business & Community Intelligence,


Communications director, Novartis Pharma France,

Frédéric LLORCA

Director, Printemps department store, Parly 2 mall, Versailles,

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Jean-Michel BOURREAU

France Volontaires,

Seminar Economy and meaning | Wednesday June 4, 2014 - 9h - 11h30

Solidarity leave projects allow company executives to bring their skills as volunteers to help in developing countries. They take two weeks of their paid, annual holiday. This period represents an opportunity for new collaborations. Companies which agree to pay the cost of the project reinforce the feeling of belonging they share with their employees whose projects they help. Companies also stimulate the development of their employees’ skills and potentially attract new recruits. It is important to devise and implement worthy projects and become involved with the local populations at the right time so that these short-stay projects are as efficient as possible. This requires preparation and close monitoring. Talking about one’s experiences helps volunteers learn lessons from their projects and organisers adapt programmes accordingly. The organisation of these projects is the opportunity for new collaborations between companies and the France Volontaires association which is in charge of developing projects for solidarity leave abroad.

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