What is the purpose of national research alliances?

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President, Université Paris-Sud; President, ANCRE

Françoise FABRE

Director, CVT ANCRE

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday October 15, 2014 - 8h45 - 10h45

Five thematic alliances, established in 2009 and 2010‚ bring together those involved in public research to make them more efficient in the communication and programming of their actions in the areas of life and health sciences (Aviesan)‚ energy (Ancre)‚ information sciences and IT (Allistène)‚ the environment (AllEnvi), and human and social sciences (Athena). Some of these alliances have also been hosts to a ‘theme valorisation consortium’ (CVT) since 2012. ANCRE, the national alliance of the co-ordination of research into energy, was founded by the CEA‚ CNRS‚ IFPEN and the Conference of University Presidents. It regroups fifteen associated members involved in energy research into ten programme groups dealing with resources‚ production‚ uses, and so on. Will this new framework succeed in making public bodies, which are rivals in certain common subjects, work together, and therefore enable France to adopt a united national research strategy?

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