Investing in equity in the social and solidarity economy

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Member of the executive board, Esfin Gestion

Seminar Business life | Friday December 5, 2014 - 9h30 - 12h00

IDES (Institut de développement de l’économie sociale), an investment fund managed by Esfin Gestion (a subsidiary of Crédit Coopératif), was created in 1983 to finance the structures of the social and solidarity economy and more specifically co-operatives of all sizes and in all sectors of activity using equity. Because its priority is the qualities of the manager and of the team rather than purely economic project data, IDES’s financing often reflects bold, long-term choices. For the financier, the aim is not to maximise the return on investment like in companies established under common law, but to help sustain an economic activity and consequently to help maintain and create employment. The interest rates applicable to operations financed by IDES are mid-way between those for medium-term credits and bonds, and they cover any risks incurred. IDES’s shareholders (both public and private) are aware of the precious economic role which the fund plays and do not demand any significant returns on investment, but they still pay attention to the quality of the operations IDES chooses. 

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