Trying to create trust in organisations and companies

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Thierry BOIRON

President of the board of directors, Laboratoires Boiron; Founding member, Institut Confiances

Jacques LEBEAU

Director, Human Resources Business Unit (CSP) of mail and parcel services, French Post Office (La Poste)


Founder and president, Institut Confiances; Managing director, Pierre Winicki Conseil

Seminar Business life | Friday July 3, 2015 - 9h30 - 12h00

In both the French administration and in companies‚ mistrust has spread insidiously throughout French society and is causing great damage. Pierre Winicki noticed the effects that mistrust had on people’s propensity to change and on organisational performance, and was convinced that trust was essential in order to create value. He created Institut Confiances in 2012 in order to encourage people to think about the factors which help create a society in which trust can exist. Thierry Boiron and Jacques Lebeau give examples of positive effects of this process and formulate them into seven concrete managerial and operational approaches which they apply to their own professional contexts. Their conception of human relations in business‚ based on goodwill and the right to make mistakes‚ is far from instinctive French managerial actions.

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