Working with very small businesses (SOHOs)

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Laurence NUNZI

Founder and managing director, Objectif Résultats

Seminar Business life | Friday November 6, 2015 - 9h30 - 12h00

I created my own company. I am my own boss and I believe in my business. I have to convince future clients, try and take market shares‚ create new products‚ feverishly fine-tune my services and‚ soon‚ employ talented staff. However‚ having got past the first stage‚ I encountered the French Administration which questioned my good faith and overwhelmed me with registered letters‚ forms to fill out‚ taxes to pay, unforeseeable charges which had to be settled‚ and mistakes which were expensive in terms of time and money. Important clients whom I was so proud to have as clients did not pay me on time, and I became exhausted trying to chase them up. My staff complained that they were not paid enough and left without telling me‚ and the only people who were available to work for me when I needed someone urgently were people who did not want to be declared. I am in charge of a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) business and I’d come to the end of my tether! But then a colleague told me about Laurence Nunzi…

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