Comparisons between French and British management : the case study of the Transmanche-Link (Cross-Channel link)

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Graham WINCH

University College London

Seminar Working breakfasts | Tuesday March 10, 1998

For some time intercultural management research has been interested in national differences. Graham Winch has observed cultural differences, both from a professional and a national point of view, based on a comparative analysis of the modus operandi of the Franco-British Channel tunnel project. Bringing together the study methodologies of Hofstede and Van de Ven, he highlights the main behavioural similarities and differences in terms of the organisations involved, the groups carrying out daily tasks, and individuals. Significant contrasts have been shown to exist in the way in which peers work together, the extent to which they are dedicated to their work, and the methods used to achieve co-ordination. The idea that national cultures can significantly influence management induced a lively debate among those present.

The entire article was written by:

Philippe PIRON

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