The "e-business" as seen by IBM

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Bernard DUFAU

Chairman and managing director, IBM France

Seminar Working breakfasts | Wednesday April 1, 1998

In the commercial world, the Internet is still full of surprises. It would seem that there are new companies emerging which are capturing sections of the market at lower prices, to the great displeasure of their traditional competitors. The e-business is gaining ground. The best informed companies have realised that they can also improve their sales by contacting directly tens of millions of Internet users who are waiting to be won over. IBM has seized the opportunity to get into this market at a time when companies are trying to make better use of new technologies. Its recent campaign for the e-business marks a significant move to offer its services, as well as creating a slogan destined to channel all of its internal efforts into the integration of ever-widening systems. After the microcomputing revolution, this is another revolution which could unsettle company leaders who allow themselves to be taken by surprise.

The entire article was written by:

Lucien CLAES

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