What is the future for a technological services company ?

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Philippe DEMIGNÉ

Director, Bertin and Co.

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday April 8, 1998

Bertin, which has been in the technological services market for a long time, today has to face the future. The days of being awarded fabulous public contracts are over, and it is now necessary to reconstruct a completely new strategy in order to confirm its competitiveness in a difficult market. Now is the moment of truth. A choice has to be made between consultancy and technological development at a fixed rate, between specialisation and multi-disciplines, and the choice of a skills portfolio, etc. Since Bertin's name is associated with third party research, they have chosen to continue along these lines. However, for management reasons they will also continue the consultancy business, thereby offering two services. Finally, in order to provide themselves with the necessary means for innovation, they have chosen a multidisciplinary policy. However, this can only work with meticulous skill management, a strong commercial strategy concentrating on the development of key contracts, and a small revolution to focus attention on clients' needs.

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Thomas PARIS

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