Professional redeployment of local government workers

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Director, interdepartmental management centre of La Petite Couronne (area covering the inner Paris suburbs) in the Ile de France region (Paris and its surrounding area)

Seminar Management of civil servants | Thursday April 30, 1998

Recognising the difficulty in creating a proper status for personnel in local government, the law recognises the need for redeployment of these civil servants similar to that of their state counterparts. As a result, classifying eight hundred thousand people into groups with varying grades, allows a comparison between local government employees and others in the public domain. However, a significant obstacle still opposes the movement of personnel : the fifty-five thousand elected representatives who run these communities are the only ones who have the power to hire and fire these workers. Marine Dorne-Corraze explains how, in the absence of a national career regulation, management centres have re-organised themselves to implement various procedures to recreate the local government unit, in particular the installation of a computer database listing available positions and training for civil servants.

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