The metamorphosis of IBM

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Gérard DRÉAN

ancien dirigeant d'IBM et de SYNTEC-Informatique

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Gérard DUWAT

Former training director, IBM Europe

Seminar Business life | Thursday May 7, 1998

What happens to the Titanic when it hits an iceberg? It sinks. What does IBM do when the company is losing money, one hundred and sixty-five thousand of its employees are made redundant, its share price drops by 40% and its debt is growing ? A new company emerges. In listening to Gérard Dréan's description of the functioning of the company during its glory years, and that of Gérard Duwat who outlines the traumatic time which IBM endured and the subsequent recovery initiated by Lou Gerstner, its new president, we can see the metamorphosis of a company where everything has changed except its soul.

The entire article was written by:

Christophe RAFFALLI

This session was published in issue n°14 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Entre ironie et naïveté .

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