The transformation of society and the teaching of management

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Seminar How to teach management (Gresup) | Tuesday May 19, 1998

We are experiencing a transformation brought about by increasing complexities and uncertainties. This leads to contradictory demands in the teaching of management, the evolution of which reflects changes in law and science during the last two centuries which have become the basis for legitimate social behaviour in the western world. From a scientific point of view, the present time is characterised by an awareness of the radical nature of the complexity and uncertainty of the system analysis and from a legal standpoint, by the judicial category crisis in the nation states. Confronted with this challenge, the teaching of management must allow discussion of various concepts by the theoretician (for whom companies and management are objects of research to help understand the world), the technician (for whom it is essentially a means of developing specialised tools adapted to managers' needs) and by the end-user (whose main teaching task is to encourage the development of individual and relationship skills).

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