Redeployment, a factor in the modernisation of the Treasury

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Director of Public Accounting, Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry

Seminar Management of civil servants | Thursday June 4, 1998

In addition to functions relating to traditional Public Accounts (tax collection, public expenditure, local and national accounts, state treasury), new functions can be added which result from the evolution of public policies (public expenditure control, decentralisation), techniques such as increasingly complex control procedures, and reinforcement of computer systems, or requests from clients or elected representatives (assessment requests, new modes of payment). Faced with these challenges, the Public Accounts office has not only to implement the compulsory relocation from Paris to the provinces, but at the same time stimulate a re-location in another direction, because of the requirements of local development and the difficult balance which is necessary to find between the concept of a local service and that of expertise. To respond to these difficulties, Michel Gonnet carried out a re-location of employees in accordance with local needs, and established a network which can deploy experts locally when the need arises.

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