Industrialisation and ecological problems in Korea

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Director of Planning and Research, Korean Christian Academy

Seminar Working breakfasts | Tuesday June 23, 1998

Founded in 1965, the Korean Christian Academy, which is independent of government, companies and people in the associative world, has become a much appreciated meeting place for discussion and debate. People from many walks of life and representatives of the intelligentsia, the unions, public services and politicians attend it. Its permanent members, who were initially considered dangerous and who have, in the past, been repressed by the government, are now joined by the government elite when such meetings are organised. In such a setting it is possible to get an overview of the situation of the country, which, having escaped oppression, began putting all its efforts into economic development, but is now gradually returning to discuss social and ecological matters. Following many upheavals over the past thirty years, the academy has played a role in the orientation and guidance of Korea's difficult path towards true democracy.

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Lucien CLAES

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