Prefects : crafting inter-ministerial redeployment at a local level

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Former prefect (State representative at the level of the département) in the département of the Jura , Project Leader for the Inter-ministerial Delegation for State Reform

Seminar Management of civil servants | Thursday October 22, 1998

Redeployment is a prime concern for prefects, themselves models of professional relocation, who are faced with the problem of locally recruited workers whose careers are generally static. Furthermore, the prefects are at the head of the state-decentralised services, the internal management of which they do not control. In the context of even more technical problems and functions with which prefects are confronted, an increasing level of multi-disciplinarianism is required. However, how can there be a development of movement which allows the development of workers' professional expertise while they are still being recruited using exams which are not specialised ? Marc Cabane, ex-prefect of the Jura, suggests the establishment of a range of skill groups, and favours a "qualifiable" job movement between prefectures, decentralised services and central administration.

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