Nomads and sedentary people : the relentless confrontation

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Professor, Ecole des mines de Paris

Seminar Business life | Friday November 6, 1998

What if we were to try to describe the world based on the differences between a nomadic and a sedentary way of life ? Although this appears to be simplistic, this can prove to be extremely fruitful. The different points of view as represented by the salesman and the manufacturer in a company, just like those between an elected representative and a permanent town hall employee can be seen as structurally opposite in terms of the length of time. More generally speaking, history and social life are the settings for multiple confrontations between movement and stability, innovators and conservative people, and between nomads and sedentary people. However, one can also see that history, just as in business and daily life, abounds with rituals which adjust relationships between nomadic and sedentary types. This is perhaps where the key to a harmonious world lies.

The entire article was written by:

Thomas PARIS

This session was published in issue n°16 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled En quête de gyroscopes .

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