The Shock of paradigms in management science Assessment and perspectives for management science and its teaching

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Roland PEREZ

Professeur à l’université de Montpellier I, Responsable de la mission sur les disciplines de gestion (ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de la Recherche et de la Technologie)

Seminar How to teach management (Gresup) | Thursday December 3, 1998

The management sciences are often considered as a particular type of engineering science, not taking into account the fact that, when dealing with organisations, both human and social sciences are also evoked. This element makes their comprehension difficult because the areas of research are likely to be sensitive to the observations, predictions and interventions which concern them. It appears, however that in these disciplines, the dominant paradigm is the result of a positivist approach, which originates from the pure sciences. The constructivist paradigm remains in the minority; it sometimes creates delicate problems for young researchers regarding methodology, and indeed deontology in the researcher's relationship with the areas studied and, in particular with the company. Finally, in terms of training and cursus, management disciplines are taught through a very heterogenous system composed of universities, consulate establishments and private schools, which demands a clarification to facilitate its readability and improve its quality.

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