Developing ones' intellectual property potential

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Director, Medical & Physical Sciences, BTG International Ltd

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday January 20, 1999

BTG is the largest company in the world to make money from the development of intellectual property….of others. This activity consists of pinpointing promising technologies at their source, developing them under licensing agreements, and then sharing the revenues with the inventor, the university or the company. BTG benefits from fifty years of experience as well as the prestige it acquired prior to privatisation in 1992. Thanks to its size, it is able to bring together employees capable of assessing both the scientific and the commercial potential of an invention, as well as specialists in patent law, thereby covering all the necessary aspects of the life cycle of any one technology. It uses methods which are designed to reduce any risk by choosing a small number of inventions with large economic potential. Because of its high level of performance in a very specialised field and its constant supply of new inventions, British Technology Group has been able to convince the Stock Market of its potential.

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