Employment flexibility without job insecurity

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Ingénieur des Télécommunications

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Ingénieur des Mines


Directeur général de Kelly Services

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Chef du Service des affaires sociales du Commissariat Général du Plan

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday January 25, 1999

Faced with the volatile nature of their markets, companies are concerned with employment flexibility. This manifests itself by the increase in the number of insecure jobs such as fixed-term contracts, temping and compulsory part-time work. However, insecurity of job status, in addition to the damage that it can cause to people and the cost it represents to society, also presents many inconveniences for companies, in particular due to the lack of qualifications and loyalty of the personnel concerned. Bruno Bensasson and Folco Aloisi de Larderel studied three original solutions which seem to reconcile the need of companies for employment flexibility, and the need of employees for job security. These include a chosen 'multi-workforce', an employers' 'co-operative' and 'regular' temporary workers. "Ingenieurs des mines" are members of the "Corps des mines" a prestigious body of highly qualified civil servants created in 1794 to organise and inspect mining sites. There are hardly any mines left in France, but the "ingenieurs des mines" are now principally concerned with industry, the environment and research "Ingenieur des Telecommunications" are members of the "Corps des Telecommunication", concerned with telecommunications.

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This session was published in issue n°18 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Étiquettes .

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