Towards projected management of employees in the future

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Adolphe COLRAT

Sous-directeur des Personnels - DGA du ministère de l’Intérieur

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Sous-directeur de la gestion des emplois et carrières - DRH à la DGA des Affaires étrangères

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Marie-France MORAUX

Directeur des Personnels enseignants du ministère de l’Éducation nationale

Gilbert SANTEL

Directeur général de la Fonction publique et de l’Administration du personnel

Seminar Management of civil servants | Thursday June 24, 1999

How does one organise the projected management of civil service employees when one considers the uncertainties which hang over its future and the changing nature of its role ? Even a detailed analysis of the current situation may result in a replica of what already exists, whereas numerous retirements over the years to come will give an unprecedented opportunity to redefine the role of public service. Globalisation of the allocation of administrations, decentralisation, contractualisation on a local level and quantitative and qualitative assessment of performance are just some of the solutions proposed by human resources managers.

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