According to the “winner-winner” principle, are all the partners always winning in a partnership ?

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Gilles GAREL

Professeur à l’université de Marne-la-Vallée (OEP)

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday May 17, 2000

Gilles GAREL lead investigations in a major european car-making company and four of its stamping tools suppliers to check if this co-development partnership (i.e. : concomitant development) is actually of the “winner-winner” type. He based his studies upon cost and volume analyses, concerning specially the changes in the design and in the carrying out, to compare, under the efficiency point of view, a project subcontracted according to the old style of dealing with a project managed in co-development. The conclusions of his studies showed that considering only the economic incentives is not a significant factor to guarantee the success of the co-developed project. The economic incentives, the engineering abilities, the managerial organisation must be taken into account all together to assess properly the performance of the co-development.

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