Management and religion

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Professeur à l’Institut Supérieur de Commerce et d’Administration des Entreprises (ISCAE) de Casablanca, Ancien ministre marocain

Seminar Business life | Friday October 5, 2001

Driss Alaoui Mdaghri's talk on management and religion took place shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center. His account is based on his experience in the Moroccan Government. Not only does he condemn all forms of violence as well as ideological shifts which give a distorted view of Islam, but he also hopes and prays for a reform of management which would take ethics and values into account, and would put man, not the organisation at the centre. In such a case religion, or any philosophical form of asceticism which respects a certain number of rules and principles which are the basis of religions, can prove to be a great help. If one takes the example of the Moroccan system, allowing for a few adjustments and sacrifices, the acceptance of traditional rules, which can sometimes be restrictive, and concerted action to introduce changes, which are sometimes important, allows one to live sensibly with others and with oneself. This is an essential goal.

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Lucien CLAES

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