Taking into account social needs in urban networks

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Président de l’Institut de la Gestion Déléguée

Seminar Business life | Friday March 8, 2002

A town, including its suburbs, is characterised by its networks. Claude Martinand believes these networks or services are very important. Services such as telecommunications, road, rail and waterway networks, and the supply of water and energy (in the form of electricity or gas) are essential to the everyday life of citizens. These networks depend on physical infrastructures which are under the guidance of competent engineers. However, a purely technical approach is not enough. To show one's expertise in these networks by taking social factors into account, elected representatives have a guiding role to play and choices to make regarding their management. The stakes involved are huge in financial terms, but equally so in terms of public health, the enivornment, and society. The discussions which arise are in-depth social debates. Is a new form of urban engineering emerging which takes into account first and foremost the needs of the users and the authorities ?

The entire article was written by:

Lucien CLAES

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