Intellectual property law and competition

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François LÉVÊQUE

Law and economics professor, École des mines de Paris

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday February 11, 2004

According to economists, intellectual property shows faults which are getting worse. Until now, economists were sceptical about the positive effect of patents on innovation : empirical proof showing a correlation between an increase in R&D and the existence of patents has still not been formalised. Today, they maintain that the reinforcement of patent law suppresses innovation. Having once been an impulsive tool, intellectual property has now become an element of disorder, receiving royalties at the expense of consumers, blocking competitors, and so on. Some people have called on competition policy for help : could it not curb the excesses and deviations of intellectual property law ?

The entire article was written by:

Michel BERRY

This session was published in issue n°51 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Gérer en eaux troubles.

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