Can the French system of research and innovation be saved ?

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Thierry WEIL

Directeur de recherche associé au centre d’économie industrielle de l’École des mines de Paris, Directeur de l’opération FutuRIS (de mai 2004 à juin 2005)

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday November 17, 2004

FutuRIS (Recherche, Innovation, Société : Research, Innovation, Society) is an independent, prospective organisation, operating over a fifteen year period, focussing on the French research and innovation system. Several hundred people with various points of view have already contributed to this project. Its originality lies in the participation of a diverse group of experts examining all the components of the system (public and private research workers, social and economic demands, the international environment, regional and European dynamics, and so on). FutuRIS has established the assessment of possible changes and the measures needed to make them viable, and has above all stimulated lively discussion which has led to a number of recommendations. At a time when research is an important topic of conversation, and when the government is considering laws relating to the direction and planning of research and innovation, it is important to discuss the changes which are possible in a system which has adapted badly to the important issues.

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Michel BERRY

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