Globalisation : threat or opportunity for French higher education ?

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Christian VULLIEZ

Adviser to the president and managing director of the Paris Chamber of Commerce

Hugues du ROURET

Former Chairman and managing director, Shell France, Independent director of French and American companies

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Former president of Paris IX Dauphine University , President of the National Council for the development of international movement of students

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday November 15, 2004

France is the fourth most popular country for foreign students after the United States, England and Australia. However, the French system is beset with difficulties : its grandes écoles and universities are complicated; it is difficult for students from foreign programmes to gain access to the most prestigious courses; and generally speaking, conditions to help students begin their studies in France are poor. Apart from general necessary improvements, which to a large extent have already been implemented, there are two fundamentally opposite questions which remain outstanding: should we bring our teaching methods into line with international standards, in other words American standards, and thereby run the risk of abandoning our traditions of excellence ? Or should we preserve the best elements which we have to offer, while at the same time attempting to become more internationally orientated ?

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