Story-telling at Danone : a latin approach to Knowledge Management

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Managing director, Human Resources, Danone


Director, development, organisation & knowledge-networking, Danone

Seminar Business life | Friday April 1, 2005

Dissatisfied with the limitations of traditional knowledge-management techniques based on technology, Franck Mougin and Benedikt Benenati devised original methods for Danone’s managers to discuss each other’s successful methods of operation. When someone who has a problem meets someone who has a solution, and if they are helped by an intermediary (‘the facilitator’) in a friendly atmosphere, an exchange of successful techniques can take place. It is a ‘nice’ story which is worth telling. Furthermore, these exchanges between managers who are ‘in the field’ mark the start of a new method of non-hierarchical management. However, these ‘good technique markets’ only work if problems are identified and noted down, the presentation is defined from the outset, and the exchange of experiences is followed up at the end of the meeting.

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This session was published in issue n°55 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Les jeux, la fête, le management.

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