What is the future for management consultancy ?

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President, Syntec management consultancy


Director, Renault internal management consultancy

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday May 23, 2005

After the prosperous period at the end of the 1990s, management consultancy experienced a serious crisis. Growth, which is now starting to resurface, can only be sustainable under certain conditions. Firstly, the profession can only survive if it emphasises its savoir-faire in terms of helping people make decisions, and eliminates the previous misconceptions that management consultancy was related to computer services. Just like any other industry, it should pay attention to its costs and its margins, especially with regards to the improvement in human resource management. Finally, it must develop a method of working with those seeking advice and networking partners in order to help the development of companies on a global scale. With improved judgement, clients who are concerned about reducing their budgets learn to avail themselves of different types of management consultancy, both within and outside their companies, and even use different teams of researchers.

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