Streamcore : a french start-up in the global telecommunications market

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CEO, Streamcore Europe

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday September 20, 2006 - 8h45 - 10h45

Streamcore System is a fast-growing equipment manufacturer specialising in making the best use of network applications (hardware equipment and software suite). The company was created in 1998 from an R&D partnership with France Télécom. It employs 50 people and has a range of clients in industry, financial services and other services. Diaa Elyaacoubi, CEO of Streamcore Europe, explains the financial and operational difficulties which the company encountered in its attempts to grow within a global ecosystem dominated by American and Israeli companies. Technology and talent are necessary, but they are not enough if a company wants to be among the most successful, whose total sales amount to more than 100 million dollars, and whose net profit margin is greater than 20 %. As a ‘serial entrepreneur’, Diaa Elyaacoubi knows a great deal about start-ups, (she is now into her third company which she created and developed from scratch), and the telecommunications world. This helps her to assess the factors slowing the development of French companies.

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