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Former managing director, Pernod Ricard, Author of Fais vite, ne traîne pas en route (pub. Albin Michel, 2005)

Seminar Business life | Friday December 8, 2006 - 9h30 - 12h

Pernod and Ricard, competitors in the anis-based spirits market, could have come to blows in a farcical war which would have delighted both the smooth talkers of Marseille (where both companies were founded) and elsewhere. However, in 1975 they merged, and set out to conquer the market under the leadership of Thierry Jacquillat, managing director of the company for more than twenty years. They acquired Clan Campbell, the Scottish whisky manufacturer, and Wild Turkey, the American bourbon manufacturer. They waged a legal battle with Irish Distillers, sold Orangina, bought an Australian vineyard, became involved in Cuba when Havana Club rum was privatised, and bought a share in the beverage division of the giant Seagram when it was sold to Vivendi Universal. As a result of this spectacular development, Pernod Ricard became the number two wine and spirit manufacturer in the world without once having to call upon the company’s shareholders or the family owners for investment support.

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