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Cofounder, La Chose communication agency and the Naïve independent record label

Seminar Creation | Tuesday December 12, 2006 - 8h45 - 10h45

Éric Tong Cuong who is a cofounder of the BETC agency, the Naïve record label, and president of EMI France, has worked in so-called 'creation management' for the past twenty years. His professional experience in a variety of well-known companies finally led him to create a small communication agency called La Chose. As far as he is concerned, modern conveniences and the routines which exist in important companies as well as the work carried out there, limit creativity. La Chose was founded on a strategy which Éric Tong Cuong calls 'the truth is elsewhere'. This is demonstrated by the rejection of the structures of advertising agencies, the organisation of which predates the arrival of television. La Chose is built around the Internet which is teeming with creative people, critical audiences and new tools which standard agencies do not always manage to incorporate. Consequently, this communication agency intends to take up the challenge which has arisen out of the new media, and will take an active part in the emergence of new markets.

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