FaberNovel : a project 'excubator' ?


Creator, faberNovel, President, Silicon Sentier, Administrator, Cap Digital business centre

Seminar Technological resources and innovation | Wednesday January 17, 2007 - 8h45 - 10h45

As far as faberNovel is concerned, innovation is more likely to be the result of networking than of chaos, and is based on three complementary and mutually dependent factors : organisation, design and execution. The faberNovel company is committed to launching innovative projects. Following the design phase and after faberNovel has helped the management of the projects, the projects are developed further by the client or a completely new entity is created to manage them. In other cases, these projects are developed in-house at faberNovel who then launches them as spin-off companies if they are judged to be sufficiently autonomous. The faberNovel group was created in 2003. It is both a consultancy firm and a creator of spin offs. This young, innovative firm, which has less than twenty employees, is responsible for projects for SFR, RATP, Google, TF1, Bouygues Télécom, CEA, Orange and more than six company spin-offs in which faberNovel is either a majority or minority shareholder, depending on the industrial synergies which have been identified.

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