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Frédéric TOUVARD

Axane - Fuel Cell Systems (groupe Air Liquide)

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday September 26, 2007 - 8h45 - 10h45

The availability of energy and the reduction of pollution-causing emissions are very topical. In this context, hydrogen is returning as a potential energy solution mainly as fuel cells which have been in existence for a century. The European Community and the French national research agency are in favour of these new developments. Air Liquide, which has an obvious interest in the transportation market in which it may be involved in a few decades, has carried out research using hydrogen in particular applications. In this way, the company, by developing technology and taking into account users' needs while being aware of the dangers associated with the use of this combustible gas, hopes to be ready for the development of mass markets. However, this is a difficult balance to find because in order to achieve a profitable return on the initial investment to exploit this new energy source often requires the consumer to change his methods of consumption.

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