The Grandes Écoles : an outdated system or a product for the future ?

Patrice de FOURNAS

Russell Reynolds Associates, Author of Quelle identité pour les Grandes Écoles de commerce ? (thesis, École polytechnique)

Nicolas MOTTIS

Former director, ESSEC Business School, Chairman of the International Accreditation Quality Committee (AACSB)


Professor, École des mines, Paris

Pierre VELTZ

Author of Faut-il sauver les Grandes Écoles ? (Presses de Sciences Po)

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday February 04, 2008 - 19h - 21h15

What should be taught in the Grandes écoles (French higher education institutions with a competitive entrance examination) ? Should they encourage contact between students and professors and maintain their limited size, or grow in order to become more visible thus increasing their internal diversity ? What role should they play in the French system of higher education ? How can they become accessible and attract students from the entire French population ? What position should they take with respect to the American university model ? Do the Grandes écoles of engineering deserve to be an essential requirement for entry into business schools ? For the past two centuries, the Grandes écoles have been thriving in the French higher education system while coming under fire from critics. Globalisation is re-opening the debate. Four professionals and experts in the system discuss their own ideas, and give us a theoretical background on which to base our own observations.

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This session was published in issue n°72 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Résister.