Renault : a culture based on work or projects ?

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Director, in charge of partnerships and international development, commercial vehicle department, Renault


Associate professor, management and strategy department management, ESC Rouen group

Seminar Company cultures and managements | Monday May 19, 2008 - 17h - 19h

Twenty years after the launch of the Renault Twingo car, have there been any changes in Renault's organisational methods which are dictated by the nature of its projects ? The heroic days when a charismatic figure à la Yves Dubreil (a Renault engineering legend) altered the emphasis between work and projects willy-nilly are well and truly over. Today, the Renault group has become globalised, has established multiple alliances and partnerships throughout the world, and transferred its know-how to markets whose existence one could not have predicted in 1990. New challenges and new issues have appeared, making difficulties and posing strategic questions about identity and culture. A century after it was founded, Renault is once more in the throes of radical transformation.

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