Evaluation in French public policy

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Maurice A. BASLÉ

Economist and university professor , Jean Monnet Chair, Rennes 1 University ; CREM ; CNRS

Seminar Entrepreneurs, towns and regions | Wednesday January 7, 2009 - 8h45 - 10h45

The recent creation of a Secretary of State for public policy evaluation in France has shown how important evaluation is in public policy management. However, its institutionalisation in France is problematic. This practice has a number of drawbacks such as its overlap with the monitoring and inspection function, the absence of any methodological consistency, results which are often difficult to quantify, and the reluctance of project managers to use the evaluation department to help further public debate. It becomes necessary to separate these new evaluation activities from those which existed previously in other professions, and to create a strategic profession which would bring the practices together. Maurice Baslé considers the assessment and monitoring professions as well as the combination of strategic management and the management of activities as the way forward. This implies a new way of looking at the relationship between the government, public managers, elected representatives and citizens regarding information about public policy and its discussion.

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