Grandes écoles for management and the education of the élite

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Emeritus research director, CNRS

Jean-Claude THOENIG

Research director, CNRS ; Groupe d'Analyse des Politiques Publiques, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Cachan

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Jean-Claude de SCHIETERE

Managing director, École supérieure de Commerce, Rouen

Bertrand COLLOMB

Chairman and Managing Director Lafarge

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday March 20, 1995

Both the élite and the methods by which they are educated have been plunged into a legitimacy crisis and called into question. Management schools have suffered the same fate. Is our management school model seizing up ? Is it capable of meeting the needs of companies and French society ? Is its uniqueness not a handicap to the integration of our training system into the sphere of international competition ? Such questions generated a lively discussion.

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