How to develop a community of managers committed to changing the company

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Mauricette FEUILLAS

Director, development of the managerial community, the French Post Office

Seminar Business life | Friday February 5, 2010 - 9h30 - 12h

Changing a government administration created by Louis XI into an efficient group of services throughout Europe including two hundred subsidiaries, and currently consisting of close to almost 50 % private sector workers, can only take place if there is a deep-rooted change in managerial culture. In order to bring about this substantial transformation, the French Post Office's executive committee, encouraged by the president Jean-Paul Bailly, decided to create the group's 'management forum' in 2003. This is where the group's three hundred-and eighty senior managers can discuss matters between themselves and with members of the executive committee. Small groups of managers meet every month to share their experiences, and air their views freely. This enables them to step back and be more objective about their working practices. These sessions shows that the management forum is a privileged place, demonstrating the presence and cohesion of the French Post Office.

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