Managing intellectual property in China

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Françoise MOISAND

Chargée de mission auprès de la présidence de l'Inserm

Franck TETAZ

Associé du cabinet Regimbeau de conseil en propriété intellectuelle

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday December 9, 2009 - 8h45 - 10h45

Even though Chinese legislation has undergone important changes and theoretically guarantees the respect of intellectual property, many companies are uncertain that their rights can be defended in a country whose culture and traditions are very different from those of the West. The recent misfortunes of certain Western companies, highlighted in the press, have prompted companies to exercise caution. Françoise Moisand and Franck Tetaz, specialists in technology transfer and intellectual property management, organised a conference in Shanghai in November 2009 with other leading French specialists in this field. What follows is their most current point of view on the opportunities and challenges of technology transfer with China.

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