The 'operation campus' programme from the inside

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President, Paris Est University


Former president, Paris Est University


Vice-president, in charge of university property and the 'Operation Campus' programme, University of Strasbourg


Cabinet Algoé

Seminar Entrepreneurs, towns and regions | Wednesday July 7, 2010 - 8h45 - 10h45

The 'Operation Campus' programme was launched by the French government in 2008. Its aim was to finance the renovation of buildings on university campuses. Normally, it is the universities which determine the renovation of buildings, and the strategy to be employed. This renovation is the first sign of the changes initiated by the 2007 law which allows universities a degree of autonomy. The autonomy of universities is preserved as a result of the financial involvement of private companies in the framework of public/private partnerships (PPP), as well as the implementation of new forms of governance. In 2010, the projects were chosen ; now is the moment when we will discover whether the different interests of the partners are in harmony.

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