Understanding cultures and the implementation of efficient management practices in an international context

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University of Évry, Gestion & Société


Scientific director, GRET (Groupe de recherche et d'échanges technologiques)

Seminar Business life | Friday March 4, 2011 - 9h30 - 12h

Management practices in an international environment ought to take into account cultural differences, but the methods used to achieve this are still a mystery. Providing training to help employees to adapt to different cultural settings, prepares some expatriates to understand their environment better, but also runs the risk of reinforcing stereotypes. Similarly, purely practical methods which expatriates implement in a foreign country do not necessarily live up to the expectations of local partners and employees. In order to improve the management of its branch offices around the world, the GRET, an NGO in development and co-operation, worked with a research team focussing on intercultural management. Members of GRET carried out a test project in Madagascar which consisted of analysing the differences in management perceptions and expectations, and also helped people in the field to formulate management methods suitable to their local environment.

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