Training programmes to manage non-profit organisations

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Seminar Economy and meaning | Thursday February 16, 2012 - 9h - 11h30

In 2004, the Association pour le développement du management associatif (Adéma : association for the development of the management of non-profit organisations (NPOs)) was founded. It offers a programme consisting of 250 hours of training, recognised by a diploma from the École des mines de Paris. Initially, this training was intended for volunteer managers but in the end, it is primarily employees who take part : half come from NPOs, the other half from companies. This training offers an excellent way for unemployed executives or those who want to change fields to find a job since NPOs are looking for managers who have a corporate experience and are prepared to make this transition. However, this approach is still considered unusual and Pôle emploi (the French job centre) does not encourage the unemployed to take part in this training. Do people still think that NPOs only consume riches which companies are at pains to produce ? The founders of Adéma are determined to overcome any cultural and financial obstacles in order to bridge the gap between companies and NPOs.

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