Professional mobility and identity in international environments

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Professor/researcher, University of Lorraine

Philippe PIERRE

Sociologist and consultant, Co-director, Masters programme of intercultural management, Université Paris-Dauphine

Seminar Company cultures and managements | Monday March 19, 2012 - 17h - 19h

What effect does job mobility have on executives ? What is it like, for experienced or less experienced employees, to be an American in Paris, a Frenchman in Gabon or a Nigerian in France ? What part of their nationality do they keep in their new surroundings ? What is it like to live through the brutal changes in social and economic structures in post-Soviet Russia which can make one feel like a stranger in one’s country ? The different perspectives and points of view of a Russian researcher and a French sociologist (who is also the director of human resources in large international companies) cast light on the contrast of the ‘strange foreigner’ and identity-related adjustments which enable an employee to keep his identity despite being in a foreign setting which is not necessarily attractive. Can we therefore identify a set of international skills which enhance other employee talents and create new social relations on a global scale ?

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